Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Based business motivation

From time to time during the life of our home business, each of us will find ourselves in a rut of boredom, disinterest and frustration. We seem to lose that excitement we once had, and find ourselves feeling tired, irritable and unmotivated. We want to hide under the covers rather than face the day. Perhaps you're frustrated because you're not seeing the progress you hoped to, or you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your To-Do list. Perhaps you just need to infuse your business with a breath of fresh air.

Whatever the reason, know that you are not alone. We all go through periods like this at some point. We wonder if we're crazy for wanting to work at home, be our own boss and stretch our limits. Maybe we should just toss in the towel and get a "real job." It would sure make life simpler, wouldn't it? But wait, let's not give up quite yet! We can do something about these feelings, and infuse our business with life and joy again. Here are some tips to help you break out of the rut:

1) Take a "Time Out" - Prolonged stress can wear us down and zap any enthusiasm we once had. Before doing anything else, take a few minutes to breathe and just BE. Empty your mind of all stress and worry. This takes practice, but don't give up! As thoughts come into your mind, gently push them back out and continue to keep your mind empty and calm. Take slow, deep breaths and let all of your muscles relax. Sit quietly and recharge your batteries. Try to do this daily, or even twice daily (morning and night). We need quiet time as much as we need anything else in life. Give yourself the gift of inner peace. Making this a habit will help you stay calmer during moments of stress.

2) Get Inspired - Read something motivational, inspirational or uplifting. Look at some beautiful nature photos, or read something humorous. Read self-improvement books and business success stories. Choose to consciously move your thoughts to a more positive place. Focusing on nothing but work and our daily tasks in life can leave us feeling pretty uninspired. It's easy to turn it around if we want to. We just have to seek out things that will lift our spirits and our moods. Make it a point to laugh, be happy, joyful and lighthearted each day. Don't wait for inspiration to come knocking on your door, go out and find it, or create it. Conjure up some funny or touching memories. Write them in a journal so you can go back and read them when you're feeling down.

3) Get Excited - Think about the reasons you started your business, and rekindle the enthusiasm you once felt for it. When we first begin a new project, or start a new business, we are excited about the possibilities and eager to get moving! Over time, we can lose that enthusiasm for a variety of reasons. Travel back in time for a moment, and think about what got you so excited at the beginning. What made your heart beat a little faster? Recapture that feeling and hang onto it! Even if your daily tasks aren't anything to be really excited about, at least think of some positive benefits to doing them. For example, list the ways they will benefit your children, your spouse, yourself, your work or your home. Identify the payoff, and focus on that. Even mundane tasks have some benefits. Sometimes it's just a matter of switching our mindset to see the positive side.

4) Baby Steps - Sometimes the hardest part is actually getting started. A project seems so monstrous that we cringe at the thought of all that time and energy we'll have to expend. Instead of overwhelming yourself, start small. Set a timer for 15 minutes and just start working on it. Allow yourself to stop after 15 minutes if you really want to. But most often, once we actually start working on something, we won't want to stop. It's just a matter of tricking ourselves into starting. Don't focus on the big picture, look at the smaller details and take them on one at a time. Any large task seems manageable once we break it down into smaller steps.

5) Care of the Body - Sometimes our feelings of fatigue are caused by physical deficiencies, not mental. Be sure you are getting enough rest, eating food that nourishes your body, drinking enough water, getting enough exercise, etc. Especially when we're very busy, we tend to grab the quickest, easiest meals, which aren't always the best choice for our bodies. Eating a lot of highly processed foods and sugar is like putting watered-down gasoline into our cars. In order for our cars to run smoothly, we need to maintain them properly, and so it is with our bodies also. Remember, the body is the vehicle for the mind and soul! ;-)

Finally, remember to reward yourself from time to time, and be gentle with yourself! There will always be things that "need" to be done. But some of us take on way more than we can handle, and our lives turn into a pit of drudgery because of it. Try to eliminate the things that truly don't bring you joy, or at least minimize the time you spend on them. Do what you can, and let the rest go. Or ask for help. Don't feel you have to do everything yourself.

Remember that motivation, just like happiness, is something we CHOOSE. We may need to give ourselves a little push at the beginning, but once we get into the right mindset, it's simple to stay there if we choose to.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A small tips to keep your business going

It seen a long time not update my blog. Just take a little time off to energize and restart the things. We need to create new strategy if current not work as what we plan. I do work from home,and some time feel disorganized. Just to share some tips to re-allign the course and target.

If you work at home on your own business there will be times when you get frustrated and impatient, and you just feel that things are not progressing as much as you want them to. Sometimes you just get sick and tired of sitting in front of the computer. Sometimes you want to throw your computer out of the window. It is at these times that you need a few motivation strategies to get you excited about your business again and back in harmony with your computer. Here are ten for you.

1. Get back in touch with your original reasons for starting your business. What was it that got you excited and had those butterflies fluttering around in your stomach? What was it that got you leaping out of bed in the morning? Start thinking about those reasons again - write them down and think about them every day. If you've never felt like that about your business, perhaps you need to rethink and start on something that does excite you.

2. Review your goals. You do have goals don't you? Setting motivating goals give you something to move towards and should inspire you to get working. If your goals no longer excite you, or if you are not moving towards them fast enough, perhaps you need to review them and make them more specific and powerful.

3. Review your plan. In order to get to your goals you need a plan. This is like a road map to get from where you are now to your where you want to be. Would you ever set off on a long journey to somewhere you've never been without a map? Well, that's what you're doing if you don't have a plan. You need to look at your goals and work out how you are going to get there. What are the steps you need to take to reach your destination?

4. Clear your clutter. Does your desk look like a war zone? Do you know where to find anything? Trying to work in a cluttered space drains your energy and is very demotivating. Take the morning off to clear away anything that does not help your day to day work. With the extra space you will feel refreshed and energised.

5. Clear your head. Is your mind cluttered with lots of negative thoughts about your business? This is just as bad as having a cluttered desk! Catch yourself in the act of thinking in a negative way and list some positive affirmations instead.

6. Reorganise your schedule. If you are feeling demotivated because you are overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to do, try re-arranging your daily schedule so that you are not giving yourself too much to do each day. Put the most important jobs at the top of the list and leave out anything that does not drive your business forward. Simplifying your daily schedule will relieve the pressure and allow you to re-focus.

7. Take a break. Sometimes all you need to refresh your mind is to get out of the house or office, go for a long walk and think about something that has nothing to do with business or work. Or arrange a short holiday and sit on a beach for a couple of days. Sometimes it is necessary to stop thinking about work for a while in order to get back into it.

8. Listen to motivational tapes. Buy some CDs of your favourite motivational speakers and listen to them every morning, or whenever you need a lift. Alternatively, read some books by people like Anthony Robbins,Dr Fadzillah Kamsah, Dr.Tengku Asmadi etc

9. Have a laugh. There is nothing like a gut-splitting bout of laughter to clear out the cobwebs and refresh your mind. Get together with your best friend and have a good laugh remembering old times, or hire your favourite comedy film or sitcom and laugh until you cry.

10. Find a life coach. If you are finding it difficult to get motivated despite all of the above, hire a life coach to help you find what motivates you and whether you need to re-think your business or career.

These are just ten good motivation strategies that can help you to get back on track. Of course there may be others, but these are the ones that work for me. If they don't work, you need a long vacation!